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Makua Valley Hike - June 1, 8:00 am

Email karenssa_2000@yahoo.com by Tuesday, May 28 to RSVP

We can accommodate up to 33 folks on the June 1 cultural access. Generally, the cultural access begins at 8 am, though if you need it to start a little later, we may be able to accommodate that. With the weather heating up, we would not want to begin much later than 8 am or 8:30 am. As this is a cultural access that is guided, all participants need to begin at the same time. I will submit an itinerary to the army no later than Thursday of this week and once the time is set by then, it will not be able to be changed. 

I will submit a reservation roster no later than the Thursday before the access. It is OK to give me just an estimated number after your meeting on Monday of folks from your club who will be coming. I will need the final names by Wednesday, May 29. If it were up to us, there would be no reservation list, but as it stands, once I submit the roster to the army before the start of business on Thursday, May 30, no one can be added. Once you give me an estimate of the number of spots you will need, I will be able to open up the rest of the spots to the community. If it is OK with you, when I open up any free spots to the community, I will advertise that a photography club will be coming on the access which may affect the speed of the cultural access. If you need all 33 spots, no worries. They are yours if need.

Keep in mind this is a cultural access, and not just a hike, so there are certain protocols that will need to take place, and photography may not be allowed during certain protocols. However, since your club reached out to us to plan for specific date, we will do what we can to accommodate your needs that do not violate any kapu. If there are times when photography is not allowed, those times will be few and relatively short. 

The route I propose is an easy one, as you suggested earlier. It is along the front of the valley and is our least strenuous route. It is also our shortest route, which will give your members plenty of time to set up different shots and worry about framing as opposed to rushing. I am attaching a map to this email. The places of interest along the route are marked with a star, with the description of each of those places to the left. Just before Koʻiahi ahu, there is a slight climb that is not long. Most folks will be able to handle it with zero problem. However, if there are any members who are not able to walk any kind of distance, there are up to four spots available in army contractor trucks for which those members can ride from site to site, or if they prefer to try to walk and use the truck as a fall-back, thatʻs OK too. The only catch to the transportation option is you will need to indicate who may need transportation and I will mark that on the roster when I submit it. If folks are not on the roster as possibly needing transportation, they will not be able to utilize it. Itʻs not a user-friendly rule, but it is one the army set in order for a select few participants to have transportation available to them.

The first site cultural accesses visit is always Mākua ahu where protocol takes place. The access route goes to the ancient site marked on the map, and then turns around and follows the route back to the parking lot. There is a site of an old well that is just off the road you will be walking and not far from the petroglyphs. I will include this on the itinerary in case it is of interest, or in case one of the Mālama Mākua leaders would like to tell its story. The army allows zero deviation from the submitted itinerary, so if a site is not listed, it can not be accessed. One note about the natural spring: Not too long ago it had enough water in it to support a single kalo plant. Most of the water has since drained out, but you will get to see what is left of the spring that was a source of water from most likely ancient times up to the ranching period.

I think that about covers it. Let me know if this route sounds like it is something that works for you folks. Any site beyond the front of the valley will require a hike on firebreak roads that gains elevation quickly and is strenuous. The route I have highlighted will give your members a chance to photograph ancient petroglyphs, an ancient site and an incredible sweeping vista that cannot be seen from the highway. 

Let me know if you have any questions.




2019 Workshops & Photoshoots

Ho’omaluhia Macro & Flower Photowalk
Saturday, June 8, 2019, 9:30 am - 11:30am

Botanist Naomi Hoffman will lead the group through the Ho'omaluhia Gardens. and will answer any questions regarding the flora and fauna. This event is also open to the public.


Portraits, Pets & Model Workshop - Lili'uokalani Botanical Garden
Saturday, August 10, 2019, 9:30 am - 11:30 am

EOH Annual Workshop for portraits, pets and models. Event is open to the public.


MIDNIGHT SUMMERS GLEAM - Foster Botanical Garden
July 20, 2019 - 4:00pm-9:00pm

THEME: "Stars Over The Sahara Sky"

Event is free to the public.

Food Photography Workshop - Wahiawa Botanical Garden
Saturday, November 16, 2019, 9:30am

Cooking demonstration by Luther Chong and Food Photography workshop for those interested. Participants should bring a dish to share as we will be eating the food that Luther cooks after the demonstration.


Honolulu Botanical Gardens Twilight Summer Concert Series
Foster Botanical Gardens - Thursdays June 6 - July 25, 2019
4:30-7:00 pm (Free Admission)

June Concerts
June 6 - Army Music 25th Infantry Division
June 23 - Royal Hawaiian Band
June 20 - Discord & Rye (Folk, Bluegrass, Blues & Rock)
June 27 - Patriotic Sing Along at 5:00pm-Celtic Pipes & Drums

July Concerts
July 22 - Hana Hou (Hawaiian Slack Key)
July 18 - U.S. Air Force Hana Hou Band
July 25 - Tapestry (Jazz music)

Wahiawa Botanical Gardens
Thursdays - 4:30-7:00pm

June 28 - North Shore Ramblers (Bluegrass)
July 26 - Tapestry (Jazz music)



Contemporary Photography in Hawai‘i 2019 Submissions
Eleventh Annual Survey Exhibition Sponsored by Pacific New Media Foundation
THE ARTS at Marks Garage
August 1 to 31, 2019
 Artists Reception – Friday, August 2, 6-8pm: Awards ceremony 6:30pm
Submission Deadline Saturday, June 21 at 6 pm.
This juried exhibition is open to all artists in Hawaii using photographic processes: analog or digital, color or BXW, alternative processes and mixed media explorations. Contemporary Photography in Hawaii 2019 offers artists a venue for exhibiting work and provides a snapshot of the “state of the art” of photography in Hawaii.

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