Recent Activities & Events

Mahalo to May Uyehara and Paul Nakatani for setting up and coordinating the Chinatown Courtyard Tour.


Mahalo to Gary Nakanishi, Mark Kaku, Jerry Anaya, Eddie Freeman, Jennifer Chung, and AJ Jaeger for helping at the KCC Tech Fair this year. The Photowalks were very popular with the attendees of the Fair.

Pictures below are from the KCC Facebook Page

Koko Crater Photoshoot - March 9, 2018

Mahalo to Botanist Naomi Hoffman and Iris Fukunaga for an awesome tour of Koko Crater Botanical Gardens.

Chinatown Photoshoot - February 17, 2017

Mahalo to Mike Loke for the free parking and to everyone who came out. Photo by Mike Loke.

Mahalo to everyone who came out to the Sunset/Moon Rise Photoshoot at Kuliouou Mouth. Photo below by Gary Nakanishi. Click here or on the picture to see more pictures from the photoshoot.


Congratulations to this year's Photo Contest Winners. Click on the picture below or here to see pictures from the party.

Mahalo to Luther Chong for putting on a great Food Photography Workshop.

Mahalo to Gary Nakanishi for the pictures.

Mahalo to Lance Wong and Tristy for a great Model workshop

Sunset/Full Moon Photoshoot

Tuesday, September 5th, Kaimuki Mini Park, 951 Koko Head Ave.


EOH Chinatown Photoshoot

Saturday, September 9th, 8:30am
Thanks to everyone who came out on this very interesting photoshoot through Chinatown.

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