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We are photographers of all skill levels who not only share our love of photography but also like to socialize with other like-minded people.

Our meetings are held on the 4th Monday of the month. Potluck is from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Our general meeting is from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Meetings normally consist of member presentations, short technical tutorials, the Theme of the Month Slide Show and a guest speaker.

Visitors may attend up to 2 meetings before deciding whether to join the club. with over 90 members, the meetings tend to be quite crowded and confusing to some so if you are there for the first time, please ask for our Vice-President, Eddie Freeman.


The next EOH Monthly Meeting will be in-person at the St. Louis Clubhouse at 7:00 pm on January 23, 2023.
(Scroll down to bottom of this page for directions)

Potluck will be from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Meeting starts at 7:00 pm



Friday, December 16th starting at 5 or 5:30 pm (Dinner at 6:30pm)
PLACE: Terry’s Place 31 N Pauahi St 
COST: $50 per person

Parking is right across the street at the Smith-Beretania Municipal parking lot, $3.00 max in evening after 5:00 pm

Menu buffet:
Fresh vegetable salad
Hot Veggies
Tofu bites
Chicken with mushroom gravy
Salmon (lemon, butter, capers)

NO HOST BAR (coffee, tea, soda, cocktails)

RSVP by Friday, December 2 midnight to rkaku808@gmail.com.  
Please bring payment (check if possible made out to "Eyes of Hawaii") to next club meeting on 11/28.  Or you can mail your payment by 11/28 to:

Eyes of Hawaii Photography Club
P.O. Box 161066
Honolulu, HI  96816

NO REFUNDS after 11/28

There is a full bar, NO HOST

Terry’s Place is a small intimate locally owned restaurant on the edge of Chinatown run by Terry Kakazu and her sisters. We have reserved the whole restaurant for the EOH Party. There is a main dining area, back room and outdoor seating area. They plan to shut down next year so we would like to take advantage of this place and support local business for this year’s party.


Food Photography Workshop - Wahiawa Botanical Garden
Saturday, November 12, 2022, 9:30am
Thank you to Luther for putting on another great Worshop


Submit up to 5 pictures or video of up to 15 seconds (2 videos totalling 15 seconds can also be submitted) to: erickt72@gmail.com

Send to: by midnight WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2023.

Please insure your submitted pictures are at least 2000 pixels wide and not too small (I.e. 300-500px).
Send the pictures as an attachment rather than embedding the picture in an email.

Remember to rename each image beginning with your name, eg., JoeBlow1, JoeBlow2, JoeBlow3, etc.

After sending your pictures, if you have not received an acknowledgement, please send a second email asking for such, since it might mean they did not arrive.



"5 Photo Story" will be a new feature at our meetings. . It would be similar to the Contemporary Photo Exhibition where a "portfolio" of photos which is called Visual storytelling or Narrative Photography. It could be something simple as a day in the life of a photographer or Christmas shopping or the homeless problem in Honolulu or the birth of a butterfly. The story (in 2-3 sentences) must be submitted with the photos. The challenge will be not to have 5 photos of an event but to tell a story within the event. For example, it’s easy to get 5 photos of a wedding but the challenge is to get 5 photos of the cake cutting ceremony with the smiles, laughter and messy faces.

Send you photo stories to Lance Wong at: dragon0419@yahoo.com


KOREA 2022
By Lance Wong and Jackie Wehrfritz



SPAIN 2022
By Don Rostow


Theme for November 2022 by Roy Okano



Not Receiving Emails from the EOH?

The club frequently sends out emails to members about upcoming photoshoots and other important announcements. If you are not receiving emails on a regular basis or want to change the email you are receiving the announcements at, contact Don Rostow at:  drostow@gmail.com

The next Eyes of Hawaii General Meeting will be on

Place: St. Louis Alumni Assn Clubhouse - 925 Isenberg St. or 916 Coolidge St (back parking lot)

The EOH meeting will be in the Kalaepohaku room behind Agu Ramen. You can also enter the parking lot from 916 Coolidge St. POTLUCK will go on as usual at 6:00pm in the room. Consumption of Alcoholic beverages will be allowed but must be consumed on premises and must be purchased from the Bar in the same building.
Beverages (Alcohol or otherwise) from the bar can be ordered through the window from our meeting area.
If you come late and the doors are closed, ask the bartender where the meeting is and they will direct you in.

Potluck: 6pm - 7:pm
General Meeting: 7pm - 9 pm

For the potluck, members should bring their own tongs, serving spoons or other utensils to serve the dish. Pies should be precut. The monitor will be bringing the plate, napkins and chopsticks.

Parking is available in the lot directly behind the building (Coolidge St) or at First Hawaiian Bank next door. Your ticket will be validated by the bartender at the bar. Just deposit the ticket and validation in the Diamond Parking machine slot number that corresponds to your parking space. Parking is also available on Isenberg or Coolidge St.

EOH T-Shirts Still Available

EOH T-Shirts are still available. We have 7 Large, 9 Medium & 7 Small remaining. $10 each. If you are interested, email Mike Loke at: mloke3@gmail.com


We would like to rebuild the member website page. If you have a website or place on the internet where you share your pictures, please send the link to: eohmail@eyesofhawaii.org.



The Eyes of Hawaii features a guest speaker monthly. If you would like to be a guest speaker or know of someone who is willing to be a guest speaker, please send an email to: eohmail@eyesofhawaii.org.

If you would like to join the EOH FACEBOOK GROUP, search for the "Eyes of Hawaii" Group from your Facebook Account and "Like" the Page. A member of the group has to approve you. Only EOH members in good standing will be accepted into the group.


A Theme Committee has been formed to decide what the monthly or special themes will be. Members are: Eddie Freeman (eddie@eddiefreeman51.com); Lance Wong (dragon0419@yahoo.com); Erick Tsukiyama (erickt72@gmail.com), or Clinton Goo (clinton.goo@gmail.com). If you have suggestions or comments about the themes, you can email the members directly.

2023 Themes
January - Your Best of 2022 (Erick Tsukiyama)
February - 
March - 
April -
May - 
June -
July -
August -
September -
October - 
November -
December - 

2022 Themes
January - Your Best of 2021 (Milton Hee)
February - Urban Living (Ron Rostow)
March - Parks,Gardens,Forests & Farms (Roy Okano)
April - Food Markets (Burt Johnson)
May - Feet (Erick Tsukiyama)
June - Bridges (Don Rostow)
July - Macro, Micro or Close-up (Gary Nakanishi)
August - Music (Lance Wong)
September - Sun and/or Moon (Gary Nakanishi)
October - Parades (Burt Johnson)
November - Photography as Fine Art (Roy Okano)
December - 


2021 Themes
January - Your Best of 2020 (Don Rostow)
February - The World Around Us Today (Celia Doo)
March - Architecture (Milton Hee)
April - Frame Within A Frame (Kainalu Kamai)
May - Something You Love (Erick Tsukiyama)
June - After Dark (Don Rostow)
July - Ending of Covid (Jerry Anaya)
August - Signage (Sergio Accatino)
September - Color/B+W (Don Rostow)
October - Still Life (Roy Okano)
November - Things that Fly, Run, Swim or Crawl (Erick Tsukiyama)
December - 

2020 Themes
January - Erick (Food for Thought/Cooking/Fruits)
February - Erick (Architecture/Buildings)
March - Erick (Water - Oceans/Rivers/Surfing/Snow/Rain)
April - Travel or Macro - Shannon (Travel) or Jerry (Macro)
May - Celebration - Don Rostow
June - Black & White - Karen Ahn
July - Transportation/Trains/Roads/Cars - Don Rostow (drostow@gmail.com)
Don has train songs so wants some pictures of trains.

August - Abstract/Artsy - Karen Ahn
September - Street Photography - Cliff Kimura
October - Macro - Celia Doo
November - Silhouettes/Shadows - Roy Okano
December - Holidays - Erick Tsukiyama

We still need slideshow persons for future themes 
Please contact eohmail@eyesofhawaii.org if you are willing to do a slide show.

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