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We are photographers of all skill levels who not only share our love of photography but also like to socialize with other like-minded people.

Our meetings are held on the 4th Monday of the month. Potluck is from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Our general meeting is from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Meetings normally consist of member presentations, short technical tutorials, the Theme of the Month Slide Show and a guest speaker.

Visitors may attend up to 2 meetings before deciding whether to join the club. with over 120 members, the meetings tend to be quite crowded and confusing to some so if you are there for the first time, please ask for our Vice-President, A.J. Jaeger.

See you at our next meeting!


In photography, a frame within a frame is when the photographer uses something within the scene in front of them to frame the main subject. Therefore a second frame is created within the image hence: a frame within a frame.

Submit up to 5 pictures or one 8 second video by midnight, Saturday, April 24 to: kaioahugrown@gmail.com

Please also include your name on your pictures i.e. or 1 8 second video i.e. ( Joe_Photographer_DSC00352.)
Pictures should be high resolution of at least 2000 pixels wide. Send the pictures in as a email attachment since embedding the picture in the email is not reliable. (Do not use a hotmail account because it reduces picture size).

A Theme Committee has been formed to decide what the monthly or special themes will be. Members are: Eddie Freeman (eddie@eddiefreeman51.com); Lance Wong (dragon0419@yahoo.com); Erick Tsukiyama (erickt72@gmail.com), Clinton Goo (clinton.goo@gmail.com) and Carrie Johnson (clj4209@yahoo.com). If you have suggestions or comments about the themes, you can email the members directly.


EOH Photoshoots

The next EOH Photoshoot will be led by EOH Member Ray Tabata. We will be walking the Kaimuki neighborhood on Tuesday, April 13. Details are as follows:

1:00 pm, Tuesday, 4/13
Meet at the corner of Waialae Avenue and 11th Avenue. across Happy Days restaurant.
Head Ewa down Waialae to 5th Ave., then return to Koko Head Avenue. (note: if there’s more than 10 participants, we should break up into two groups going in opposite direction, like clockwise and counter-clockwise. We should limit participants to 20 total, assuming Oahu remains in Tier 3).

1:00-3:00 pm
Shoot in Kaimuki neighborhood along Waialae Avenue between 5th Avenue and Koko Head Avenue. (participants can go at their own pace, spaced apart)

3:00-6:00 pm
Happy “Patio” Hour at Big City Diner (3-6 pm)
Info about Happy “Patio” Hour: https://www.instagram.com/p/CM5C6upDVDF/
Pupu Menu (scross down to “PUPUS”): https://bigcitydinerhawaii.com/menu/#1529983958581-1705e15b-d311
Dinner Menu (from 4 pm): https://bigcitydinerhawaii.com/menu/#1530059586271-c2286397-2c7e

COVID NOTE: We should limit participants to “pods” of 10 people, masked and spaced out. Seating limit at BCD is 10 persons in Tier 3, 5 persons if we revert to Tier 2 by April 13.



Since the pandemic began and we were no longer able to have meetings, we will be having Zoom meetings every Monday evening at 7:00 pm. Everyone including non-EOH Club members are invited to join in.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 847 0070 6136
Passcode: 638642



Since we are not going to hold our inperson meetings until the pandemic is over, we will be having a Zoom online meetings.


Try to use your biggest screen for your maximal enjoyment. It can be done on a cell phone or tablet, but a laptop or desktop unit works better. If your computer has a camera then the rest of us can see you, but for this meeting it is not critical. If you want to be seen as you join the meeting click where it says “Join with video”. You will also want to click “Join with audio”.

If you haven’t used Zoom yet, it might be useful to first go to zoom.com and register as a new user. I believe all you have to give is your email and a password, no other private information, and it is free.

At the end of these instructions will be an invitation to join the meeting. All you have to do is click on the link to start the process. In the invitation will be a passcode which you may need to join the meeting. You will get a window that says “Open zoom.us?" and click on that. Again, click on “Join with audio”. You will then go to a “waiting room”, and the host (probably Don Rostow) will let you in.

In the upper right portion of the screen you have a choice of “speaker view” or “gallery view”. For this type of meeting I would choose “speaker view” and the speaker’s picture will fill most of the screen.

If more than one person tries to speak at a time the sound really deteriorates. At the bottom of the screen you can click on “Chat” to type a question or comment that everyone can see. We may also use that to actually vote for officers. Please be sure there are no other sounds going on in your room like barking dogs, screaming grandkids, or a TV, and please silence your cell phones. If you are hi-tech and have a microphone and/or headphones for your computer, use them.


Meeting ID: 847 0070 6136
Passcode: 638642

If you have any problems, you can call Don at 808-499-9754.

FOR APPLE USERS: You can download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.
Monthly: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/tZclcOisrzsoG9B1Xkr8QV9uyRyKUfPtQSVY/ics?icsToken=98tyKuGrpjwrHtWVshiDRpwqGo_Cd-jzmGJBjfp_zSfuEXhiVFrjL9BbGYd5IMzh


A Buy & Sell webpage has been created for EOH members who are looking for photography equipment or who want to sell equipment. Click here to view the page. If interested, contact the member directly.


A Theme Committee has been formed to decide what the monthly or special themes will be. Members are: Eddie Freeman (eddie@eddiefreeman51.com); Lance Wong (dragon0419@yahoo.com); Erick Tsukiyama (erickt72@gmail.com), or Clinton Goo (clinton.goo@gmail.com). If you have suggestions or comments about the themes, you can email the members directly.

2021 Theme Schedule

January - Your Best of 2020 (Don Rostow)
February - The World Around Us Today (Celia Doo)
March - Architecture (Milton Hee)
April - Frame Within A Frame (Kainalu Kamai)
May - 
June -
July -
August -
September -
October - 
November -
December - 

2020 Themes

January - Erick (Food for Thought/Cooking/Fruits)
February - Erick (Architecture/Buildings)
March - Erick (Water - Oceans/Rivers/Surfing/Snow/Rain)
April - Travel or Macro - Shannon (Travel) or Jerry (Macro)
May - Celebration - Don Rostow
June - Black & White - Karen Ahn
July - Transportation/Trains/Roads/Cars - Don Rostow (drostow@gmail.com)
Don has train songs so wants some pictures of trains.

August - Abstract/Artsy - Karen Ahn
September - Street Photography - Cliff Kimura
October - Macro - Celia Doo
November - Silhouettes/Shadows - Roy Okano
December - Holidays - Erick Tsukiyama

We still need slideshow persons for future themes 
Please contact eohmail@eyesofhawaii.org if you are willing to do a slide show.

Click here for Pictures

OLOMANA GARDENS - Saturday, July 11, 9:30 am

Thank you to EOH Members Glenn Martinez and Natalie Cash for inviting us to tour Olomana Gardens. Everyone had a great time. Click here for pictures from the photoshoot.

Due to the current circumstances, the EOH Library Exhibit will be virtual this year. Mahalo to Cliff Kimura for setting the exhibit up. Click here or on the picture below to see the exhibit.

Not Receiving Emails from the EOH?

The club frequently sends out emails to members about upcoming photoshoots and other important announcements. If you are not receiving emails on a regular basis or want to change the email you are receiving the announcements at, contact Don Rostow at:  drostow@gmail.com

The next Eyes of Hawaii General Meeting will be on

Place: St. Louis Alumni Assn Clubhouse - 925 Isenberg St. or 916 Coolidge St (back parking lot)

The EOH meeting will be in the Kalaepohaku room behind Agu Ramen. You can also enter the parking lot from 916 Coolidge St. POTLUCK will go on as usual at 6:00pm in the room. Consumption of Alcoholic beverages will be allowed but must be consumed on premises and must be purchased from the Bar in the same building.
Beverages (Alcohol or otherwise) from the bar can be ordered through the window from our meeting area.
If you come late and the doors are closed, ask the bartender where the meeting is and they will direct you in.

Potluck: 6pm - 7:pm
General Meeting: 7pm - 9 pm

Click here for the February 2020 Meeting Recap

For the potluck, members should bring their own tongs, serving spoons or other utensils to serve the dish. Pies should be precut. The monitor will be bringing the plate, napkins and chopsticks.

Parking is available in the lot directly behind the building (Coolidge St) or at First Hawaiian Bank next door. Your ticket will be validated by the bartender at the bar. Just deposit the ticket and validation in the Diamond Parking machine slot number that corresponds to your parking space. Parking is also available on Isenberg or Coolidge St.

EOH T-Shirts Still Available

EOH T-Shirts are still available. We have 7 Large, 9 Medium & 7 Small remaining. $10 each. If you are interested, email Mike Loke at: mloke3@gmail.com


Flower & Macro Photowalk at Koko Crater Botanical Garden - 02/22/2020

Mahalo to the Honolulu Botanical Gardens and Botanist Naomi Hoffman for leading the Flower and Macro Photowalk through Koko Crater.

Please click here or on the picture to see Gary Nakanishis' slide show of the event.


Mahalo to Luther Chong for putting on another great Food Photography Workshop


We would like to rebuild the member website page. If you have a website or place on the internet where you share your pictures, please send the link to: eohmail@eyesofhawaii.org.



The Eyes of Hawaii features a guest speaker monthly. If you would like to be a guest speaker or know of someone who is willing to be a guest speaker, please send an email to: eohmail@eyesofhawaii.org.

If you would like to join the EOH FACEBOOK GROUP, search for the "Eyes of Hawaii" Group from your Facebook Account and "Like" the Page. A member of the group has to approve you. Only EOH members in good standing will be accepted into the group.

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